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Springfield xdm holster compact with 3 8 inch barrel. Iwb suggestions for xdm 3 8 compact concealed carry. Xd m 3 8 compact 45acp springfield armory. Amazon com holster for xdm compact. Concealed carry holsters for xdm 45. THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE OWB Range3 HOLSTER FOR SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XDm 3.8 compact 9mm/40cal/45acp.NEW IN PACKAGE Our OWB Range3 Holster rides close to the body andSPRINGFIELD ARMORY XDM 3.8C COMPACT (9MM/40CAL/45CAL) Kydex IWB Gun Holster. The Springfield XDm 3.8 Compact 45 At Home in a Black Arch Holster.I had a holster from Simply Rugged for the Springfield XD 4 Service Model in . 45 ACP that can be worn OWB (belt loops) or IWB (leather straps and snaps) and decided to give it a try with the XDm 3.8 Compact. Springfield Armory has done just that recently with the introduction of the XDM 3.8 Compact.XD models differ in caliber (9mm, .357 SIG, .40 SW, and .45 ACP), barrel length (3.01, 3.

8, 4.05, 4.5, and 5.01 inches), frame size, and then there are 6 different finishes. springfield xdm 3.8 holster | eBay.Holsters for Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact - Alien Gear Holsters.Springfield armory xdm 45 3.8 holster. Springfield Armory XDm Compact 3.8 in 45 ACP Ammo: Blazer Brass, 230g FMJ.Its extremely easy to field strip, comes with two mags, 9 round and 13 round, holster, mag carrier, and mag loader. Springfield XDM Compact .

45 ACP Slide Barrel And Recoil Spring Night Sights. 275.00.Springfield XDM 3.8" Compact Model Holster IWB Inside Waistband (9mm 40SW). Size: RIGHT, No Accessory, ItemShape: Springfield XD Sub Compact 3": Цена: 59.95.Похожие товары. Springfield armory XDM 3.8 revolution - appendix - right hand.StealthGearUSA Ventcore IWB Mini Holster. 45 hk usp 9MM hk usp 9MM compact hk VP9 judge polymer 2"/2.5" cylinderTactical 5" Springfield XD45 4" springfield XD9 4" Springfield XD9.4 springfield XDMJust bought my Hell-bent IWB holster today from Defender Outdoors in Fort Worth and I love it! Springfield Xdm 3 8 Amp Quot 9 40. Source Abuse Report. sa 40 Compact Xdm With 3 8 in.Related: xdm 40 compact bitone, xdm 9 compact vs glock 19, xdm 9 compact, xdm 45 compact vs xds, xds iwb kydex holster, xdm 45 compact vs glock 30, xdm 45 tactical, xdm 45 compact pearce Holsters. Products By Gun. Springfield Armory. Springfield Armory XDM 45 Compact. Holsters for Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact - Alien Gear Holsters.Best Conceal-carry Holster for XDM 45 3.8 CompactIwb holster xdm compact. Concealment Express: Springfield XD(M) 3.8" Compact 9/40 KYDEX IWB Gun Holster.FoxX Holsters Springfield XDM 3.8 9/40/45 In The Waistband Hybrid Holster Tuckable, Concealed Carry Gun Holster. Thunder 45 Ultra Compact Pro.You can choose between IWB, OWB, Ankle, Cross Draw, Drop Leg, Duty, Light Laser, Magazine Ammo, Molle, Paddle, Shoulder and Small of Back holster designs for Springfield Xdm Compact. DSC6332phatchfinal Quickly becoming a favorite among shooters, the Springfield XDm 3.8 compact in .45 ACP performs on par with a full-size weapon and sports a myriad of user-friendly features. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XDM 3.8C COMPACT (9MM/40CAL/45CAL) Kydex IWB Gun Holster. 28.95 (as of 30 November, 2017, 12:41 am).All holsters and holster products are in stock and ship within 1 business day! / Comp-tac makes great, comfortable holsters. Interchangeable bodies for different guns, made of leather, several clip options, and there are many options of handguns that it fits. I didnt see the XDM .45 on there, but one of the other options may still fit IWB - Gun Only/. INCOG IWB Holster System.45 ACP (will not fit 2.0) Sig 1911 TACOPS Carry Sig 1911 Tacops Sig 1911 Ultra Sig P226 Mk25 Sig P320 Full Size Sig P320 Compact or Sig P320 Carry Sig P320 Sub Compact Springfield XD 3" Springfield XD 4" Springfield XD 5" Springfield XDm. 27.99 SPRINGFIELD XDM 45 COMPACT Purse Holster BLACK RH 4" Creative Conceal Backpack Holsters - 177885.39.0 FoxX Leather Kydex IWB Hybrid Holster Springfield XDM 3.8 9/40/45 Right Black Holsters - 177885. Springfield or HS? Those XD 45 Compacts look like they hit the sweet spot for me: 4 5 barrels with 10 round grip frames.More on the XDM since it is newer. Something else, go to stickyholster.com to look at the new IWB holsters that have no J hooks or clips. 100 American Made Springfield XDM Compact 3.8 IWB Kydex Holsters handcrafted one by one for unmatched quality and personal touch! Can someone recommend me a comfortable, concealable, durable holster for this firearm? Im looking at the theis holsters, seem to be a decent price.Similar Threads - compact carry holster. SPRINGFIELD XDM 45ACP 3.8 COMPACT BLACK XD Gear Mag Loader, XD Gear Double Mag Pouch, Cable Lock and Bore Brush, Instruction Manual.Springfield XDM 45 3.8 Blk (Blk Slide/Blk Frame).45 ACP 3.8" Brl, 1ea 13 Rnd Comes with the manual, gun lock, holster, double mag pouch 100 I love my Theis IWB horsehide holster for my XDm .45acp. I wear it daily with perfect comfort springfield xdm concealed carry holster. , xd compact 45 holster. Springfield Armory carries the XD(M) compact 9MM, which is ideal for concealed carry protection for both women and men.Use the flush-fitting 13 round magazine, and you have a Compact (11 rounds in .40SW, 9 rounds in . 45ACP).Options. XDM9389CBHCE3.8 Compact 9mm Black. Springfield xd 45 compact. Weapons guns.See More. Inside the waist band (IWB) Single Point concealed carry holster for the Spring Armory XDS 45 ACP line. oclock) Using Veg-Tanned cowhide, with. 1,727 Products in Springfield Armory Holsters - Springfield XD Holster, Springfield XDM, Springfield XD 40, XD 45 Holsters.22 models Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster (143) As Low As 47.99Save up to 40 Clearance. XDM-9 COMPACT 3.8" SPECIFICATIONS. Caliber: 9mm. Magazines: 1 - 13 Round Compact 1 - 19 Round w/X-TensionTM. BarrelNote: I carry it strong-side IWB in a Crossbreed SuperTuck leather/kydex holster with the flush magazine (non-extended). This is a custom handmade belt holster for the new XDM 3.8 Compact 45 pistol by Springfield.Most Comfortable Holster I own. FN compact OWB holster. Great Holster- Custom Appendix IWB holster for Glock, Double Mag and EDC sheath. Springfield Xdm 45 Compact Holster. Springfield Xdm Concealed Carry Holsters.Springfield Xdm Compact Grip With Small. Which Is Better Plastic Or Leather Holster. Iwb Holsters For Xdm 45 Compact. Springfield Armory Xd Compact 45acp Magazine - Xdm .45 Acp 9 Round Compact Magazine.Blade-Tech Classic Owb Holster - Owb Holster-Springfield Xdm 40/45 4.5"-Blk-Rh-Tek Lok. New. Foxx leather kydex iwb holsterfits springfield armory xdm 3.8 compact 9/40/ 45right hand draw (black)this is a new holster designed for in the waistband concealed carry and was handcrafted in the usa. This hybrid style holster is made from top grade 8-9oz. Is the XDM .

45ACP Compact that much less comfortable than the new single stack Springfield XDS?This is the holster that comes with the XDM Compact. It is for outside the pants carry. Just about every duty holster company also makes holsters for this gun. 25. Waistband Holster Right Hand Springfield XD, XDM, XD Sub Compact Kydex. BLACKHAWK! concealment holsters offer a smooth draw, easy re-holster and excellent weapon security, including Our8 9/40/45 In The Waistband Express IWB KYDEX Holster: fits Springfield XD(M) 3. 8 Holster. Springfield Armory XDM-9 38 Short Barrel High-Capacity — Springfield Armory XDM-9 3.8 Short Barrel High-Capacity Compact 9mm Pistol for Concealed Carry (CCW): 20 (191) Rounds of Immediate Firepower!What iwb holster in everyone using? I just got my mod 2 45 and. (3") Springfield XD .40 tactical Springfield XD .45 sub compact (3") Springfield XD 45 4" Springfield XD 9mm service (4"Our inside the waist band (IWB) holster is the same as the standard holster with our in-house made IWB belt loops made using black Kydex .125" thick for durability.22/.25) Very Small-Frame .32 .380s Springfield XD .45 Compact XD 4" Barrel Springfield XD .45 Compact, XD 4", XDM Springfield XD Sub-Compact 3" Barrel Springfield XDTecGrip IWB Holster Ambidextrous. 24.95. SERPA Level 3 Duty Holster, featuring Auto-Lock technology. Kydex iwb holster. 25.00 1 498 руб. Добавить в корзину.Compact smith wesson SD9VE smith wesson shield springfield armory 3.3 xds springfield armory 4.0 springfield armory mod 2 springfield armory XD 45 4" springfield armory XDM Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact Inside the Waistband Holster.IWB concealed carry holsters have never felt this good. Engineers at Alien Gear Holsters have added an ultra-strong stainless spring-steel core into the Cloak Tuck 3.0. 650 USD. I paid 650 for the XDm plus 30 for each of the 3 additional magazines and 80.00 for the Kydex OWB holster and mag carry(Desert Tan) and a brand new Aliengear IWB holster. I am looking to get 550.00 for everything(buyer to pay transfer). Amazon.com: springfield xdm 45 holsters. Fast Draw USA - Springfield XDm 9/40 3.8" IWB Kydex Holster Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster Made In USA.Mar 12, 2012 Hi, what is the best conceal-carry Holster for XDM 45 3.8 Compact that you have tried or best-rated? Comes with original case, two magazines, original Springfield dual magazine holster, Kholster IWB holster, and Blackhawk Serpa locking holster.CATEGORY Handguns. Manufacturer Springfield. Caliber 45 ACP. Action Striker Fire. Springfield Armory XDm 3.8 Compact 45 | Guntoters. 879 x 767 jpeg 281kB. www.armslist.com.aliengearholsters.com. Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside 900 x 900 png 397kB. Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact .45ACP. (1) 9 Round Compact Flush-Fitting Magazine. (1) 13 Round Full-Size Magazine With X-Tension. Paddle Holster. Either gun will serve you well with a nice IWB holster. For me, I prefer the XDm.Patrick, are you aware that Springfield Armory, in their evil scheme to have all my money, have released an XDm Compact in .45? The Springfield Armory XDM (X-Treme Duty, the M is for the match grade barrel and match grade trigger) are a series of semi-automatic pistols that are polymer-framed and striker-fired. They closely resemble their predecessor, the HS2000 pistol Springfield Xdm 38 Compact 45 Iwb Holster | Apps Directories.FoxX-Leather-Kydex-IWB-Hybrid-Holster-Springfield-XDM-3-8-9-40-45-Right-Black. 300 x 266 jpeg 10kB. store.dmbullardleather.com. It comes with the pistol, a match grade barrel, an excellent case, 2 mags (9 round flush mount and 13 round extended), a holster, a double mag carrier, a magI think Springfield makes quality products. Congrats on your xdm!I have the full size Xdm in .45 and the Xds in .45 and I love them both. Springfield XDM-9 Compact 3.8. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0. High capacity gun 131 and the most comfortable IWB holster on the market.DIGTHERIG Jeff and his Springfield XDS 4.0 .45 in the Summer and his Glock 19 Gen4 in the Winter. 0 Comments - 2 years ago. The XD(M) 3.8 Compact is the smallest of the XD(M) line but it boasts the same su.MFR: XDM93845CSHCE. Caliber: .45ACP. Recoil System: Dual Spring w/ Full Length Guide Rod. Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Low Profile Combat Rear.

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