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Login. Sign Up. Harry Potter middle name quiz. by: peaceloveandhappiness.How well do you know Harry potter? Book Hardest Harry Potter Trivia EVER! harry potter quiz first year level. What is the name of Harrys distant cousin? Voldemort Draco Malfoy Ignotious Peverell Lily Evans.Lily Potter Severus Snape Albus Dumbledore Ginny Weasley. « previous question next question ». it was the easiest harry potter quiz i ever took, whoever didnt get 100 didnt read the books.Technically Albus could also be Potter since there is a character in the epilogue in the 7th book named Albus Potter that is Harrys son. 1. What was the name of the creater of the Sorscerors(spelled wrong) Stone? > ? 2.What was the portkey that took the Weasleys and Harry and Hermione to the Quiditch world cup? > a shoe 3.What is my name lol(not Harry Potter related lol) > i dont really care Are you Harry Potter fans? Harry Potter Quiz game comes is challenge to defy your knowledge in the Harry Potters. Lets play and try to guess all level Finish at least 5 Harry Potters name in every level to open next level. HP trivia quiz. JK Rowling. Harry Potter characters quiz.

Can You Name The 50 Most Mentioned Characters In The "Harry Potter" Books - I got 43/50! Its a lot harder to remember them all when youre being timed, I missed a couple really obvious ones. Quizlet provides harry potter quiz activities, flashcards and games.The human, original name for Voldemort, Harrys sworn main ene Harrys red-headed friend who is pure blood. Harrys friend who can basically master any spell or potion kn 9. What would be your marauder name? 10. What is your favorite spell? 11. If you had theOnline Quiz: "Which one of Harry Potters toes are you? Take our quiz and find out now!"Me: "A toe? Why would I want to be a toe? This is a dumb quiz." MORE QUIZZES. Which Quidditch Position Is For You? Which Director Should Direct The Story Of Your Life? Which Black Panther Character Are You? Which Harry Potter Character Should You Name Your Future Baby After? This quiz show played on Muggle television in 1991. The Dursleys were watching this programme together on 31 August when Harry Potter approached them about taking him to Kings Cross Station the next day. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (First mentioned). We have been told that this was the hardest Harry Potter quiz around which explains why we had a huge response but with many enteries only half filled in.

Harrys wand contains a feather from the phoenix Fawkes, so described. 7. Name two other schools Harry was supposed to go to? Which Harry Potter girl would you want most to have in your dormitory? Hermione Granger. Ginny Weasley.Did you ever want to quiz your friends on your favorite topic or see how much they actually know you? Make a quiz now and send it to all your friends. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Test your wits in this quiz on Harry Potter books and movies. See whether you know these little known facts and take a walk down memory lane.Cancel reply. Name . Test your Harry Potter trivia with this magical quiz.

This is one of our easier Harry Potter quizzes, be sure to search for more Potter quizzes including our Harry potter character picture quiz.or. Get your player profile. First name. 6. What is Harry Potters middle name? Godric.Are you a harry potter fan? by Jovan Engel. Create a quiz on GotoQuiz. We are a better kind of quiz site, with no pop-up ads, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes. Are you Harry Potter fans? Harry Potter Quiz game comes is challenge to defy your knowledge in the Harry Potters. Lets play and try to guess all level Finish at least 5 Harry Potters name in every level to open next level. News Videos Quizzes Tasty. Perfect prep for Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone quizzes and tests you might have in school.The worst breakups in literature, ranked. Honest names for all the books youll have to read in English class. 6 hilariously problematic moments in Shakespeares plays. Download The Pottermasters Harry Potter Name Chain Quiz Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?8. Hagrid named his dog (which strongly resembles Cerberus: who guards the gates of Hell) A. Rover B. Pixie C. Spots D. Fawkes E. Fluffy. Harry Potter Quiz for Fans. This quiz contains 25 questions taken from all of the movies and books.Harry Potter Events Trivia. In this quiz you must match the event with the book in which it occurred. It starts easy and gets harder. Best Harry potter Quizzes - Take or Create Harry potter Quizzes Trivia.How many details do you remember from the Harry Potter Universe? Do you still know the name of all the important characters?Puzzles Logo Quiz 2017 London Tube QUIZ Match 22 Mega mind Mega Quiz Gaming 2k17 Miraculous Quiz Mousebot Name the Pinoy Celebrity QuizPixWords Scenes Player career quiz Prison Break The Great Escape Quiz Clash Royale card Quiz For The Simpsons Quiz Harry Potter Test your knowledge by naming all the characters from the famous Harry Potter series! Share with your friends your score and try to complete all the levels! Features: Hogwarts The quiz has all your favorite characters from Hogwarts. . Lets see if you can name 99 of these HP characters. If you can identify every Harry Potter character on this quiz, you are basically a wizard. Transcript of Harry Potter Quiz Game. Name Harry and Ginnys three childrenC.) Aberforth Dumbledore. D.) Bathilda Bagshot. Question 4/10 Question 2/10 Who put Harrys name in the Goblet of Fire? Harry Potter Links. Quizzes, Word Searchers and other ActivitiesThe Creation of Harry Potter: from the beginning to the end The Characters Meaning of Names Encyclopedia Potterica Harry Potter World: by the Students at the Waverly Park Elementary School, New York Harry Potters author An Are you Harry Potter fans? Harry Potter Quiz game comes is challenge to defy your knowledge in the Harry Potters. Lets play and try to guess all level Finish at least 5 Harry Potters name in every level to open next level. Harry Potter Quiz Questions and Answers Learn More about Harry Potter. Harry Potter Online Quiz 1-10. 1. Who was flying with Mad Eye when he died? Mundungus Fletcher. 2. What is the name of the device that Dumbledore uses when putting out the street lights on Privet Drive? Deluminator. Can you name the Harry Potter fact based on the previous answer? Test your knowledge on this literature quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others.Random Literature or Harry Potter Quiz. Are you the ultimate Harry Potter fan? Test your wizarding knowledge and give our Harry Potter quiz a go! Created by Translated by Katelyn Whitebloom on July 30, 2014.data1.whicdn.com. What is Harrys youngest sons name? Welcome to the QuizMoz Harry Potter Middle Names Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internets largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Its exactly two decades since the first of JK Rowlings books was published. Try our Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test to see how much you have learned since then Harry Potter Personality test, Harry Potter Quiz. Who would be your BFF in Hogwarts? Lets see!HP trivia quiz. Many people like Harry Potter, but do you really KNOW Harry Potter? Only an authentic Potterhead can get 42/50 right on this Harry Potter test. harry potter quiz name chain.harry potter themed quiz names. Quiz/test on 99 Harry Potter movie characters. JK Rowling.harry potter quizzes movies/tv quizzes. Must Reads. Quiz: If You Can Name All These People In 2 Min Or Less Youve Got A 160 IQ. About This Quiz. Its Harry POT-ter, not Harry Pot-TER! That doesnt sound right. Its "Levi-O-sa, not Levi-o-SA." Are you ready to take a dive into the wizarding world of Harry Potter - and were not talking about the theme park!Trending on Zoo! 87 of People Cant Name All of These Cartoon Characters. Fun Quizzes Free Online Trivia Games on Harry Potter Books, Harry Potter Movies, Characters, Actors, Spells, Pets, Magical Beasts Hogwarts Houses. Harry Potter characters house quizzes. Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game. Guess the first names of these Harry Potter characters. Source for all names: harrypotter .wikia.com. Harry Potter Quiz. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd.Aberforth Dumbledore. Albus Severus Potter. Harry and Ginny by 2017 had 3 kids, two of them are boys, what was the younger boys name? (full name). Your Harry Potter quiz questions: What is the collective name for the three magical objects (a wand, a stone and an invisibility cloak) which when owned by one person are said to give mastery over death? The Deathly Hallows. What is james. harrys middle name.Harry Potter Quiz. Number of Teams. 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams 11 teams 12 teams. Test your knowledge of the last and middle names in Harry Potter! WARNING: May include spoilers from the Harry Potter franchise »Follow author. » Share test. Harry Potter Last and Middle Names Quiz! AllTheTests.com -» Tests for the real fan -» Books quizzes -» Harry Potter (books) -» other Harry Potter.Last one, heres an easy one. What is Harrys full name? Youll need a nip of Felix Felicis for luck if you hope to get full marks on this ultimate Harry Potter quiz. more stuff. Can you conjure up the name of these obscure Harry Potter characters? Are you Harry Potter fans? Harry Potter Quiz game comes is challenge to defy your knowledge in the Harry Potters. Lets play and try to guess all level Finish at least 5 Harry Potters name in every level to open next level. Find out in our Harry Potter Quiz. With the publication of JK Rowlings seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, less than a month away and8 What do the passwords for Dumbledores office all have in common? A Names of sweets B Names of spells C Names of professors D Names of fruit. Harry Potter Quiz - Free Questions and Answers. Quick Quizzes - perfect for playing with friends and family. HarryPotter Quiz questions - Test your General Knowledge. Take this Harry Potter quiz and see how much you can remember and really know about Harry Potter through the ages.6. Question. What is the name of the book that Dumbledore leaves for Hermione in his will? Quiz