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Marauders is a semi-fannish term for the group of four friends in Harry Potters parents generation: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. The name "Marauders" comes from a magical map that Harry is given in the third book -- " Marauders Map" -- that was made by the four September 1, 1971 - The Marauders enter Hogwarts. July/August 1975 - Remus Lupin and Lily Evans are named prefects for Gryffindor. James, Sirius and Peter complete the complex spells needed to become animagi. Related: harry potter fanfiction. <> Most recent.Request: Could you please write something where the reader is best friends with the marauders, especially Remus and Sirius? Remus liked that you didnt mock the scars aligning the crevices of his jaw. headcanon headcanons marauders marauders era marauders headcanon marauders fanfic marauders fanfiction harry potter harry potter headcanon dating would include dating would involve siriusOther holiday fics: Newt Scamander Sirius Black Remus Lupin James Potter George Wealsey. Fanfiction Where The Dog S 1025 Best Potterheads Imag The Lord Of The Hallows Ch Scars Hermione/Remus FanfiFan Fic Friday Hashtag Ima 401 Best The Marauders Ima Pin By Lala Depp On Severu Cutest genderbend ever. Hermione/Remus- This Time Around- Fanfiction Trailer - Duration: 2:33.RemusHermione-Crimes | The Marauders Era - Duration: 3:10. n y m p h e t 34,836 views. Marauders Kink Meme! For all sexy, smutty and kinky fanworks relating to our beloved Marauders Era. Feel free to submit smutty prompts relating to any Marauders Era character - James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Marlene, etc. Фанфики по Гарри Поттеру: все фанфики про Гарри Поттера - фанфики с сортировкой по персонажам, по жанру, рейтингу, типу (слэш/гет/джен)АU и ООС. Пейринг ЛЭ/ДжП Mир Гарри Поттера: Гарри Поттер Лили Эванс, Джеймс Поттер, Сириус Блэк, Ремус Люпин Общий /Юмор Irreverant, fluffy and fun. remuslives23 is a giant among RLSB fanfiction and nothing can convince me otherwise.A really nicely put together fic featuring Remus memories of rain, friendship, seduction, snoggingFun and fluffy marauder nostalgia. What Deep Scars Ever Closed Without a Scar by Remus Lupins Marauders.

This is a Harry Potter blog, and its also where I will be posting my fic about The Marauders that takes place in their second year, and will follow them throughout their years at Hogwarts! Browse through and read thousands of remu marauder fanfiction stories and books."These are not memories, Jenny! These are-" "Theyre scars."Just Like Me- Marauders Era- Remus Lupin. Camryn Fantasy Romance 7 hours ago. james potter sirius black remus lupin lily evans marauders mine source: the good place jily conversations.If you dont know what this is, its my favorite fanfiction ever, My Immortal. Three years later, the Marauders return to Hogwarts, excited to cause mischief and mayhem.

Calico Finley, a muggleborn, makes her way through school, exceeding in her classes.Scars [Remus Lupin]. Summary: The Marauders discover Remus biggest secret, and devise ways of helping him.I believe we need more trans visibility in fanfiction. Obviously Remuss experiences are uniquely his own, and there is no single right way to be trans or to feel about being trans. Фандом «Гарри Поттер» Название: «Falling stars. The history of the Marauders» Описание: Они любили.Автор: silver Doe Основные персонажи: Джеймс Поттер, Лили Поттер, Питер Петтигрю, Ремус Люпин, Сириус Блэк III Пэйринг: Сириус Блэк/Нетелианна Спаркл/Дэниел Бредли, Ремус 19/3/2012 5:07pm tagged as: Sirius/Remus Slash Marauders Character death Child abuse m-rated Smut Bloody.Let Love In by Kimmimaru on Status: Complete, 30 chapters. Rating: M. Trigger warnings: Child abuse, character death, dark themes. Already have an account? Log in! The Marauders: A Harry Potter FanFiction. Page history last edited by Ldavis11 3 years, 4 months ago.A Harry Potter FanFiction. Pass the pumpkin juice, will you? Remus? Until your eyes came upon a boy with brown hair and a noticeable scar on his face. He seemed to be talking with the well-known James Potter and Sirius Black.You recognized him as Remus Lupin.marauders. harry potter. x reader fanfiction. Title: Scars We Hold Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia Characters: England, Poland Rating: PG-13 Timeline: Modern, but lots of WWII talk Summary: England can remember a time long ago, when Poland could stand toe to toe with Prussia andmarauders.sirius/remus. slayers. sophie hatter. marauders fanfic. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category.Remus is literally and figuratively falling apart at the seams as he tries to cope with losing all of his closest friends in such awful, in one case traitorous, ways. Dark circles sat beneath his amber eyes, blending in with the harsh scars that lined his face. He was a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, hidden by a floppy fringe and a shy smile. marauders remus lupin peter pettigrew james potter sirius black. The Marauders: Full Moon- A Harry Potter Fan FilmMartinez Films.James Potter: Popular Sirius Black: Good Girls Go Bad Remus Lupin: Battle Scars Peter Pettigrew: Lucifer Lily Evans: No Severus Snape: I Hate Everything About You Cyndy Aleo, Contributor - FIC: WHY FANFICTION IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD Author has 2.5k answers and 645.1k answer views.Against the Moon follows Remus Lupin and the other Marauders from first year. Remus:.scarmarauders marauders era imagine marauders map sirius x remus sirius x lupin moony x padfoot Padfoot moony moonymarauding Harry Potter hp wolfstar Sirius Black remus lupin harry potter fanart marauders fanart marauders fanfiction wolfstar ship Fanart art artwork Illustration A Marauders Era Fanfiction. Tumblog for the fanfiction series. Home to chapter releases, fanart author updates relating to the story.

Cool scars, Remus Lupin. Sirius said, making him fight the urge to mess his hair over his face. Secrets Marauders Era Fanfic. by EmberGal88. RatingAnd he has all of those scars! I finally came to the conclusion that Remus was a werewolf - specifically, the werewolf prowling around under my tree - and that James, Sirius, and Peter were animagi - specifically, the stag, dog, andFanfiction. The Marauders. 29. Lina Roud автор.Как терпела их Макгонагалл? Кто смог покорить красавчика Блэка? Кто нравился Ремусу, до Тонкс? Почему Питер решил уйти на сторону зла? Fanfiction. Title: Malfoy and Black Chapters: 10 so far, but not done yet.Pairings: (some of these are very brief) Narcissa/Rabastan, Narcissa/Lucius, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Travers, Remus/Narcissa, James/Narcissa, Regulus/Travers, Lily/Jamesand others that would spoil things. Harry Potter Marauders Marauders Era Harry Potter Humor Harry Potter Things Fandoms Unite Hogwarts Tumblr Fanfiction James Potter Remus Lupin. Moony and the Marauders. Fanfiction. James, Sirius, and Peter find out about Remus furry little problem. Remus doesnt want them to know, but they find out anyways. They need to know where the scars are coming from. And not just the physical ones. Remus asks. Sirius is magnificent when backed into a corner, when its time to go out all guns blazing and theres a good chance hell either die or get an amazingly drastic scar, and one of the best soldiers their army has. Its a Marauders fanfiction. If you have any suggestions or anything to say, feel free to leave a comment.Love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus L A Marauders Love Story (Sirius Black and Sirius: Another onewhat? Remus:.scarmarauders era marauders imagine maraudersmap marauders map marauders marauders fanart marauders fanfiction moony Padfoot Prongs wormtail hp Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix harry potter fanart Fanart comic Illustration Character Remus Lupin is sent back in time on a desperate mission to kill Lord Voldemort. From a present where he is the last Marauder, Remus finds himself once more eleven and attending Hogwarts for the first time.moon scars, the hour of the wolf, and strewn stars (PG and PG-13) by llamatreats. 3 Slytherin Marauders is an AU Harry Potter fanfiction written by severusphoenix, found here.Remus Lupin has shades of this as well. Just Desserts: McNair learns too late why you dont meddle in the affairs of dragons Dedicated to bringing fans of the Marauder era unique fanwork recommendations centering on James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Petter Pettigrew, Severus Snape, and Regulus Black.Both of those are on fanfiction dot net. Itll probably seem confusing if youve never read the fanfic Title: Scars Rating: T Summary:One full moon changed Hermiones young life forever.HermioneRemus- This Time Around- Fanfiction Trailer.RemusHermione-Crimes | The Marauders Era. И вообще, должен сказать тебе, Реми, у тебя весьма своеобразное понятие о том, что такое увлекательно, - надулся Сириус. -Сири,- не унимался Ремус, - нам нужно просто как следует. постараться и мы вдвоем обязательно его уговорим! World of Fanfictions Wiki. Recent blog posts. Forum."It doesnt matter Professor Greenwood can identify them from the buds and the shape of the leaf scars and things like that.Remus flushed darkly. Sirius had wasted no time in telling the other Marauders how hed found Remus, in werewolf Harry Potter/Marauders FanFiction Recommendations. Updated: 9th July 2016.2) Snape/Remus or Snape/Hermione or Snape/Lily. Look, Im okay with AUs. Give me a good fic where Snape grows up and learns to respect Lily and chooses Lily over the dark arts, and Ill take it. A Scrooge-like Moony by Jenc Summary: A Christmas fic with Remus/Sirius raising little Harry.How will their actions change the wizarding world? Gen Scarred Roots SummaryThe Marauders Read Midnight Guardian Summary: There are many the Marauders read Harry Potter out there. Dedicated to fanart of the Marauders, and other characters from the Marauder Era.Even in fics Remus Lupin gets bullied by life this was such a better quality like 2 seconds ago, I die. Marauders Beginings. BY : Theron Ryder Category: Harry Potter > General > General Dragon prints: 599.Remus flinched at the voice and self-consciously threw on his night shirt, hiding the scars on his back, which had caused his siblings distraction. Yeah, I guess Remus really loves chocolate This is exactly what I think young Remus looked like, even with the scars which are also very well drawn btw.Fan Fiction. Pt. 1 Who To Choose (A Marauders FanFic) WHO TO CHOOSE Snow began to fall against the outerThis can be fanfiction or poetry. Sirius attempted to leap to his feet and storm into the kitchen with the fury of a thousand self-righteous and put-upon Marauders, but Remus jerked him back down hard by the collar of his T-shirt. Sit! he commanded. A/N: Okay, so I got this idea to write really bad fanfiction and have the Marauders read it.Was that Sirius holding a book? said Remus, looking up from where hed been writing his Arithmancy essay. Its about us, said Lily. marauders716 is a fanfiction author that has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.After rescuing Remus from a werewolf containment facility, a relationship between him and Sirius Black develops."James nodded sadly, sure he was handling this all wrong and scarring the child for life, but how was Sirius tries to help, but he keeps getting distracted by the scar trailing down Remus back He wants to see where it ends. asktheboywholived FollowUnfollow one shot fanfic fan fiction wolfstar Sirius Black Remus Lupin Marauder sirius remus just friends283 notesLoading Фанфик "The Marauders" maria-ch: Meet the guys!James Carlus Potter. Sirius Orion Black. Remus Marcus Lupin. Peter William Pettigrew. Lily Jane Evans. Roxanne Edvin Malfoy. Thiss the end of part 1. Sirius has scars too. MWPP era. I See a Darkness.Sirius and Remus relationship through Fred Weasleys eyes, Grimmauld Place era and after, with some help from the Marauders Map.

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